Mr Snowy – Over the Rainbow Bridge

Mr Snowy has gone over the Rainbow Bridge. He was the sweetest little friend, a super cuddle-bunny right to the end.

Mr Snowy would have been eleven in October and lived quite an exciting life for a rabbit. He was well-travelled even making a few international visits and he lived in several houses in different cities and states. Mr Snowy made many trips to schools for show and tell visits. He enjoyed meeting new people and was patient with curious little hands. Most of all, he enjoyed curling up to watch a movie in the arms of his less-Furry family members and friends.

Mr Snowy was less than four pounds but had a personality many times larger than his little body. He was not intimidated by his larger Furry Beastie siblings in the least. He often stared them down and was most horrified one day to be sneezed upon. He bathed himself for quite some time after that particular adventure.

In his later years, Mr Snowy’s legs grew weak and his vision went blurry. Ms Betty Bunny began to take over more and more of his daily grooming. Ms Betty was a comfort to Mr Snowy and they were usually found next to each other whether having a nap or just relaxing together.

Mr Snowy’s age caught up with him at last and now I would like to think he is hopping again with the legs of a young rabbit, vision restored and happily bossing about our Furry Friends who passed over the rainbow bridge before him. In fact, I hope Lucky and Shelby were waiting for him and I suspect Mr Snowy would have saved a sneeze just for them.

Mr Snowy really was just the best little bunny and we miss him enormously. 💔