Diana ❤️ Squirrels

Every morning we go for a walk before it gets too hot. We live in Texas, so hot comes early and often when you’re a Furry Beastie. For Diana, the best part of the walk is the section of the park filled with squirrels.

Diana ❤️ Squirrels.

Daisy likes squirrels and all other creatures too. But when Daisy is walking, she’s got places to go, things to sniff. Not much time for squirrels really.

Diana – “Squirrel!”
Daisy – “Hmm…what? Who cares? Come on, let’s go!”

Diana zones in on squirrels.

She’s a big fan.

Diana is convinced that if she could only meet a squirrel up close, they would be friends. Daisy and I are not so sure that would be a great idea.

Diana would love it if I would install a squirrel table in our backyard. A place for friends to hang out. Get to know each other. Something like this.

This admittedly super cute squirrel picnic table is made by Squirrel Feeder and available on Amazon.

Diana, that looks like a trap! Sorry, that’s definitely not a good idea.

No pouting Diana!

Diana wonders if there is any chance she’ll get a squirrel picnic table for Christmas. Maybe if she asks Santa Paws…


Weekend Pool Party

Hooray, it’s the weekend! A hot sunny summer day cries out for a pool party. First step, you have to fill the pool.

It’s so hard to wait. Feels like it takes fur-ever. Daisy spends some time napping in preparation. Diana waits impatiently by the door.

Mum! Is it ready yet? Is it ready yet? How about now?

Finally, the pool is filled and the fun begins!

Darling Diana – Water Warrior

Diana is always eager to hone her attack skills. She fights on, undeterred by water up her nose or the threat of soggy ears. She is determined to come out on top. Perhaps Darling Diana needs a sprinkler?

Little sisters…

Daisy would never be so undignified. Little siblings act like lunatics sometimes. Inside the house, Mr Snowy snorts in agreement.

Daisy waits patiently for Diana to leave the pool area. Will it ever be her turn?

Diving Daisy Bear

If this pool had any salmon swimming about, Daisy would be ready to scoop them up. Daisy is always prepared to go fishing. Or eat fish. Either way.

Diana wonders, “What’s this about Salmon?” Never mind Diana, you had your pool time already.

In only six or eight short hours, Daisy will be dry again. Until then she will happily rock her new ‘do. Even majestic beasties like to get a little wild.

Super wet, super happy Daisy Bear.

After lots of fun playing and splashing in the pool, it’s time for Diana to go roll in the dirt. What, what was that last bit?

Oh Diana!

Diana is thrilled. She is now a Wet Dirty Wild Beastie. Just the way she likes it.

Best Day Ever!

Happy Birthday Diana!

Three years ago, this small sweetheart came into the world. A short time later, Darling Diana became a part of our family. We loved her from the moment we saw her.

Today we celebrated our sweet furry girl as Darling Diana turned three! She had a fabulous day. We planned a pool party with her bestie, but rain and Covid-19 changed our plans a little. No worries, we still had lots of playtime and cuddles. Diana even enjoyed a virtual visit through Zoom with some dear friends!

And of course, there had to be cake. Who doesn’t love cake?

After cake, it was time for presents!

Diana loves her new Birthday Loofa Toy. Stuffies are her very favorites. She loves to cuddle them, shake them, and gum on them. A new stuffy was just perfect for her.

Eventually even the best of Birthdays come to an end. Diana had a lovely day with her family and friends. All that partying wears a puppy out.

Happy Birthday Darling Diana!

Nap time

Sunday afternoons are just meant for nap time, especially when you live with two lazy sleepy Newfies. Newfies are not the most high energy dogs on the planet. They tend to move at a slightly slower speed.

Darling Diana needs her beauty sleep.

Diana’s pillow reads “Whatever you are, be a good one.” She takes this to heart. She wants to be the best napper she possibly can. She likes a pillow to lay her head on, and preferably someone to rub her paws as she falls asleep. She’s a bit of a princess sometimes.

If Diana is the princess, Daisy truly is the Nap Queen.

Every Queen needs a bit of privacy now and then.

For Daisy, nap time is sacred and she has been known to get a little grumbly with anyone who interrupts her afternoon nap. She’s not really mad at you, but she would like you to go away and come back later.

Daisy prefers cozy places to sleep. She wouldn’t say no to being tucked in with a bit of blanket. Daisy likes to hide herself away under the table or under the piano, anywhere she can get a bit of privacy.

These days, peace and quiet can be hard to find!

Some days, Daisy and Diana sleep best when they are wrapped up in a puppy pile.

Snuggle puppies. ❤️