Ms Betty Bunny’s Favorite Things

Birthday – June 11

Nicknames – Betty Boo

Favorite Toy – Mr. Snowy hands down. Ms Betty and Mr. Snowy bonded pretty much right away and even when they are having free range time, they usually wind up right next to each other. Ms. Betty frequently grooms Mr. Snowy. Mr. Snowy has never been particularly fastidious in his grooming. Ms. Betty may think he’s a bit of a slob, but she doesn’t seem to mind helping him out in that department.

Favorite Foods – Broccoli is her very favorite but she also enjoys a bit of celery tops, cucumber or carrot peels. The usual faves for a bunny rabbit. Primarily she eats rabbit pellets and timothy hay, but she does enjoy bits of veggies as a treat. Ms Betty wouldn’t say no to the odd strawberry or blueberry either!

Habits– Ms Betty has lovely manners and prefers to wash her paws before eating. Unlike some of her Furry siblings, Ms Betty Bunny is a lady.