Beach Dogs

Like most Newfies, Daisy and Diana love the water. We wrapped up our summer adventures with a family trip to the beach. Mr Snowy and Miss Betty Bunny stayed home for a bit of peace and quiet. They are more home bunnies than beach bunnies!

Daisy had the best time ever. I think she smiled the whole trip! Whether we were on the beach, on the dock, or on the deck overlooking the canal, Daisy could smell salt water and she was happy. Living her best life.

Diana had a pretty good time too. Nothing like sea breeze in a dog’s fur. Even if she didn’t love getting the sand washed off when we got home!

Of course, the best part about a beach trip is playing in the water. Diana liked splashing in the shallow pools.

Daisy opted for the full surf experience. She could play in the water all day. Happy sopping wet sandy Furry Beasties! Best trip ever. ❤️


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