Weekend Pool Party

Hooray, it’s the weekend! A hot sunny summer day cries out for a pool party. First step, you have to fill the pool.

It’s so hard to wait. Feels like it takes fur-ever. Daisy spends some time napping in preparation. Diana waits impatiently by the door.

Mum! Is it ready yet? Is it ready yet? How about now?

Finally, the pool is filled and the fun begins!

Darling Diana – Water Warrior

Diana is always eager to hone her attack skills. She fights on, undeterred by water up her nose or the threat of soggy ears. She is determined to come out on top. Perhaps Darling Diana needs a sprinkler?

Little sisters…

Daisy would never be so undignified. Little siblings act like lunatics sometimes. Inside the house, Mr Snowy snorts in agreement.

Daisy waits patiently for Diana to leave the pool area. Will it ever be her turn?

Diving Daisy Bear

If this pool had any salmon swimming about, Daisy would be ready to scoop them up. Daisy is always prepared to go fishing. Or eat fish. Either way.

Diana wonders, “What’s this about Salmon?” Never mind Diana, you had your pool time already.

In only six or eight short hours, Daisy will be dry again. Until then she will happily rock her new ‘do. Even majestic beasties like to get a little wild.

Super wet, super happy Daisy Bear.

After lots of fun playing and splashing in the pool, it’s time for Diana to go roll in the dirt. What, what was that last bit?

Oh Diana!

Diana is thrilled. She is now a Wet Dirty Wild Beastie. Just the way she likes it.

Best Day Ever!


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