The Upstairs Adventures of Mr Snowy and Ms Betty Bunny

Ms Betty Bunny in a rare quiet moment.

Mr Snowy and Ms Betty Bunny are not free-range bunnies. This is an unfortunate side effect to living with two… ahem… slightly larger Furry Sisters. Daisy and Diana have always been gentle with their smaller siblings, but no one wants to risk disaster brought on by an over-zealous paw or extra-enthusiastic snuggle.

Mr Snowy and Ms Betty Bunny share a home on our main floor where they can be a part of the daily action of the house. Often, they visit upstairs where they can get a good stretch of their legs and check out a change of scenery. During upstairs adventures, Big Furry Sisters are not invited.

Daisy is always a little bit sad when she’s not invited to join in on the fun.

Once the bunnies make their way upstairs, they get a little curious. Mr Snowy enjoys checking out his surroundings. Was this here last time? Yes it was, silly bunny.

Occasionally, Mr Snowy gets a little too close to the edge when sitting on furniture and he requires rescue. Mr Snowy is an elder rabbit and we think he has gone a little blind. He is closely supervised anytime he is off solid ground.

Mr Snowy, you are on the edge!

Ms Betty Bunny is often a bit of a blur during upstairs time. She hops here, she hops there, she hops and changes direction in mid-air. After all her hipping and hopping, she looks for a quiet spot to lay down for a rest.

If she’s lucky, she might even have a little music to listen to during her down time. Ms Betty Bunny loves music. She does not, however, love wrong notes. Ms Betty Bunny thinks the young musician needs more practice!

Miss Betty Bunny says practice makes perfect.

After all the fun is done, Mr Snowy and Ms Betty Bunny are happy to return home. Their home is cleaned during their upstairs adventures and often there is a delicious treat waiting for them. Possibly some carrot peelings or a bit of kale. After all, adventuring works up an appetite!


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