Introducing Ms Betty Bunny

Ms Betty Bunny joined our little Furry Menagerie last week.  She has settled in nicely, making friends with all our Furry Beasties, tall and small.

Ms Betty is a curious bunny. She is constantly exploring the condo area she shares with Mr. Snowy. We’ve been adding various boxes and tunnels for the bunnies to hop over and through. Ms Betty seems pleased with the variety. Mr. Snowy is not so sure about the changes.

Mr. Snowy does seem to approve of his new roommate. They are often found snuggling or sharing a treat.


Mr. Snowy has always been a bit of a slob with his personal hygiene. Too many bachelor days perhaps?  Since Ms Betty officially moved in, he has been seen washing his face several times a day. It seems she is a good influence on him.

Ms Betty is roughly three times Mr Snowy’s size.  Some expressed concern that Mr Snowy might resent her size, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He would prefer that she stop hopping directly over him though as it makes him a little nervous.

Diana and Ms Betty are often found having a bit of a visit through the fence that separates the bunny condo from the rest of the house. They have exchanged many sniffs and Diana frequently licks Ms Betty.  Diana is fascinated by the bunnies and is often found lying outside their condo watching them play.

Daisy admires Ms Betty’s lovely coat, so black and shiny.  Daisy thinks Ms Betty is beautiful.  Ms Betty seems drawn to Daisy too.  Looking forward to more bunny adventures.

Daisy and Ms Betty Bunny met while she was in her temporary home.  They liked each other immediately.




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